Dr. Janet Rippy


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Janet Rippy, Ph.D.

Published Research Scientist; Plant Biologist; Soil Chemist

As a lifelong learner and busy body, some of my favorite activities include hiking in the mountains, craft projects, and dissecting academically dense research papers. That last one is not an activity I share in common with most people.

I decided to start BioDART to put my neurosis passion to good use by helping people turn their great ideas into practical reality through defensible scientific methods and journal-ready writing.

Are you an accomplished research scientist who simply needs extra help compiling data and writing the final report so you can get your next trial started? You can rely on my 20+ years experience running my own research and R&D teams to write concise, powerful reports ready for peer review and publishing.

Are you a “big picture” person with great ideas? I am the perfect detail-focused partner to integrate with your team, design and run your trials, and help you make the breakthroughs you envision. BioDART will maintain confidentiality to protect your IP rights.

I would love to learn more about your work and show how I can fill in the gaps or take full responsibility for your trials, start to finish. Let’s connect!

BioDART Collaborators:

  • Jamie Gibson, Ph.D. – Technical Lead, Syngenta Flowers
  • Kathryn Louis, Ph.D. – University of Minnesota, Horticultural Science; Director of R&D and Regulatory – Sun Gro Horticulture, 23 years
  • Ryan Pumford, M.B.A., M.S. – Information Technology Lead
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